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We visit many major cities based on demand and film all year around. But since this is the only video production company in the US focused EXCLUSIVELY on professional video essays and video resumes, it's best to book early. Don't leave it up to chance. You want someone who is not going to just make a video "look pretty" or "flashy" - any wedding videographer can do that. It can not be emphasized enough the importance of the director, one who ONLY does this type of work, and the editors who only tell this type of story. We  can make a video essay REALLY stand out, when you need to cut through the clutter.

We schedule cities based on demand, so the biggest towns tend to have the most visits a year. We film on the weekends in one location in each city, usually with a max of 10 sessions (5 per day.) All editing is then done during the work week, as it is the most time-consuming.


Please email us if you would like us to come to your city. Dates are subject to change, based on demand and availability.

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